When a claim event occurs, you should act prudently to protect property and minimise loss. Here is a list of steps to take, whilst you await insurer advice.

Property Damage

  • Implement any emergency response or business continuity plan
  • Protect your property from further damage
  • Fix any leaking pipes
  • Restore fire protection
  • Temporarily support any collapsed or impaired structures
  • Notify your insurance broker – ensure you provide date, time, cause and location of the loss, along with contact details for the person who will oversee your claim
  • Board up and correct any unsafe conditions
  • Isolate the damaged area
  • Separate damaged property from undamaged property
  • Restore power to critical areas, such as freezers
  • Establish a loss control account, to record all expenditures incurred as a result of the loss
  • Retain all invoices, time sheets and other substantiating data for the
    loss expenditures
  • Obtain identification of all civil authorities involved, such as fire, police, building inspectors etc
  • Retain and identify any property that may be the cause of the claim
    event, and preserve any evidence
  • Photograph the damage where possible, prior to any other actions

Business Interruption

  • Determine the direct effect to operations, including any
    contingent or indirect effects
  • Determine whether other facilities are available to make
    up any loss
  • Determine whether overtime or weekend shifts are
    possible, to reduce the loss
  • Review any finished inventory stocks and whether they
    can be used to offset any loss
  • Determine whether any extraordinary sales
    commitments exist
  • Determine if any contracts can be delayed
  • Estimate the period of interruption

Residential Strata

  • For all Section 1 claims (Buildings, Common Contents, Loss of Rents, Catastrophe) – contact Mobius / SLE 02 9249 4850
  • For all Section 2 claims (Casualty, Liability) contact ACE Insurance Ltd – 1800 815 675

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